LadyCalc a wonderful pocket calculator for all beauties.
LadyCalc is a pocket calculator with a unique and extremely affectionately formed user interface.
All functions are direct or to reach gestures simply about Swipe.
LadyCalc will give you to every input an acoustic feedback.
All inputs are nicely animated and let arise with serve a true joy.
LadyCalc permits the easiest inputs like 4 + = to 8.
The percent calculation is also easy to serve to work out 120 – 30% = 84

(ideally around the price with the shopping for a lowered article).
LadyCalc only 0,99$ on the appstore.

Version 1.1

  • a calculation error has been corrected
  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
  • iPod touch (3. Generation), iPod touch (4. Generation), iPod touch (5. Generation)
  • Retina Auflösung für iPhone, iPod
  • Supports percent calculation, Memory functions, PI, square root, X high 2 and X high 3
  • History function (stores all inputs with „=“ are confirmed)
  • Send your complete history via mail, SMS, or as a copy in the clipboard
  • Single results can become are also dispatched
  • LadyCalc offers a detailed display you with the input very well supported
  • Very quick copy & paste function
  • Thousand mark note separation
  • LadyCalc comes with 4 wonderful highly distraught Themes
  • LadyCalc will welcome you by every start of the use affectionately
  • Sound support
  • Help function (usage tips) in the setting menu to find